Here is what Natalie is thankful for!

Here is what Natalie is thankful for!

What are you thankful for?

How do you express your many things of thankfulness in one Paragraph?

Natalie Taff

Natalie Taff: Administrative Assistant

Well in a nutshell this is how. When I step back and take time to be silent, I realize how blessed I am. This Thanksgiving my heart is so thankful for many things, including my best friend & spouse Kris, for family who is always present when you need them and dear friends who I hold close to my heart. Grateful that this year has been filled with so many adventures including visiting the Midwest and DC for the first time. I love to travel and meet new people so it’s always a joy when I get the chance to make new friends.

For a job opportunity in the world of Chiropractic in which I never thought I would join. Working for Mikhail Family Chiropractic has been such an unexpected joyful experience and even though every job comes with its learning curve challenges; it is worth the growing opportunities it has provided me.

Above all and the most important is the ever present strength and trust I have found in my savior Jesus Christ. I save the best for last because without Him, none of my gratitude this year would be worth mentioning.


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