What I Liked about my Internship!

What I Liked about my Internship!

Intern: Stephanie Ivey

What I liked about interning at Mikhail Family Chiropractic! 1

What I liked about interning With Dr. Mikhail was that he gives you tasks based on what you enjoy and your skill set. By doing this, it makes coming to the internship enjoyable and you are able to work on things you’re truly passionate about while gaining new experience in a setting you have not been in. I have a creative side and like to come up with new ideas on how to engage people. Dr. Mikhail allowed me to work on ways to engage patients but taught me how to do it properly in a healthcare setting. I also liked that Dr. Mikhail is flexible with the internship schedule. As a full-time student, with a full-time job, Dr. Mikhail worked with me and I was able to obtain my 120 hours to complete my internship.

Not only did Dr. Mikhail give me tasks, but he made the experience personal. He taught me many things about the chiropractic field and what it offers, taught me how the insurance works in a chiropractic clinic, and gave me valuable advice on future educational and work related goals. I loved going to the events. I was able to break out of my shell and work with the sweetest people! I liked that the experience was very laid back but I gained so much knowledge. I am forever thankful for this opportunity!

Stephanie graduated last April from the University of Central Florida.  


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