Quality Mobile Chiropractic Care in Orlando

Do you need chiropractic care and don鈥檛 have time?

Are you in so much PAIN and can鈥檛 find a clinic open at night?

IS your pain limiting your ability to enjoy your vacation, or move around?

Quality Mobile Chiropractic Care for House Calls, Hotel Calls, and Office Calls 2

Your Day or Vacation is not ruined!

Dr. Mina Mikhail will come to you and SAVE your day!

Call (407) 622-6295

Or email: Dr.mina@mikhailchiro.com

聽Personalized Attention 路 Privacy 路 Convenience 路 Affordable 路 Care for Tourists

Business 路 Hotels路 Offices路 Serving Central Florida Area

What to Expect?

During your first visit, the doctor will have a one on one consultation with you about your problem, health history. Then will perform an examination, provide a diagnosis, and develop a personalized treatment plan.聽1st treatment should take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Intake forms are available online.聽Fees: Initial visit $149 Consultation, Health History, Exam, Review of Findings, Treatment.

Next visit,聽A typical treatment visit will include: Active Muscle Treatment + Chiropractic Adjustment + Stretching.聽Upon need: Kinesiology Taping/ Acupuncture maybe applied. Follow-up Visit聽Fees: $119.聽Follow-up visits: 30-45minutes

  • We accept cash, debit, and credit cards


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