UCF Intern Spring & Summer 2019

Courtney Chason UCF Intern Spring and Summer 2019

My name is Courtney Chason a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Health Services Administration. I started my internship at Mikhail’s Family Chiropractic and I am excited to gain work experience, with a focus on the administrative side of healthcare. After graduation, my goal is to obtain a Master’s degree. For extracurricular, I enjoy nature walks and traveling.

Post Internship Message:
During my internship at Mikhail Family Chiropractic, I am pleased to say that I learned numerous tasks relating to healthcare. Overall, this experience taught me about Health Services Administration, Human Resources and in-house Marketing. To elaborate, I scheduled patient appointments, handled incoming calls, advanced my skills in coding, processed intake forms and processed billing. I learned the importance of time management and most of all professionalism and interacting with patients. In addition, I gained in-house marketing experience by editing educational videos for all social media platforms. Overall, I am very happy with my growth in the healthcare field and the variety of experiences that Mikhail Family Chiropractic offered me.

Kalie Kless

UCF Intern Spring 2019

Kalie Kless UCF Intern Spring 2019

"Hello, my name is Kalie, I am currently a senior in the Health Services Administration program at UCF. I plan to pursue my masters at UCF upon graduation, while continuing to gain healthcare experience in the work force. I'm 25 years old and enjoy spending my time at the beach with my friends. I'm looking forward to interning at Mikhail Chiropractic and am eager to learn more about medical billing and coding!"

Daniel Rodriguez

UCF Intern Spring 2019

Daniel Rodriguez UCF Intern Spring 2019

Hello my name is Daniel Rodriguez. I’m currently studying to receive my bachelors degree in Health Services Administration at University of Central Florida. After graduating I plan to work in a medical facility to help further my learning of the health industry and eventually work my way up to management one day. I’m 25 years old and I love to play soccer as well go surfing on my free time. Originally I lived in Port Saint Lucie before I began my education, it’s a small quite town just 2 hours south of Orlando. I’m excited to intern at Mikhail Chiropractic and learn new skills in the health care business.

Nefthalie Duphresne 

UCF Intern Fall 2018 & Current Employee

I am a UCF student seeking a degree in public administration with a minor in health service administration. I am very interested in the healthcare field and would like to pursue a career. I have enjoyed this internship opportunity and gained so much knowledge in billing, coding, and claims processing.

Cassandra Yoham

UCF Rehab Intern Fall 2018

I am a Student at the University of Central Florida and currently majoring in the school of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy. My goal is to become a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist and start my own practice. I love to travel in my free time and exploring different creative outlets. I often spend most of my time at the gym and with my friends.

Sarah Gillen

UCF Intern Summer 2018

Sarah Gillen UCF Intern Summer 2018.jpg

"Hello! My name is Sarah. I am currently a senior in the Health Services Administration Program at UCF. After graduation, I hope to spend a year working and further pursue an education in Athletic Training. I am 21 years old and enjoy going to the movies and spending time at the beach or in the ocean. I am originally from Fort Pierce, Florida, a small beach town on the east coast. I am so excited to see what the future holds with Mikhail Chiropractic!"

Nick Alberts UCF Intern Spring 2018.jpg

Nick Alberts

UCF Intern Spring 2018

UCF Intern

Nick Alberts

Hello, my name is Nick Alberts and I am from Sarasota, Florida. Currently I am a student attending the University of Central Florida pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration. After I graduate this August , I plan on furthering my education by attending UCF’s graduate program to earn a Master's degree in Health Administration. 




Over the past several months I have very much enjoyed my time working as an intern for Mikhail Family Chiropractic. I thought this was a great experience, and introduction into the business of healthcare for myself. I Specifically enjoyed the different learning opportunities and tasks assigned, such as going to urgent care clinics, and local gyms for marketing. I also appreciated how friendly, and helpful Dr.Mikhail was during my time as an intern.  

I would absolutely recommend this internship to other UCF students because of how much I  learned, and how much I enjoyed working in the clinic’s environment.  

Shawna Richards    UCF Intern Fall 2017

Shawna Richards

UCF Intern Fall 2017







UCF Intern

Shawna Richards

I am a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Health Services Administration. After I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree, I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a Master’s degree in Accounting. I hope to one day become the accounting manager or the Chief Financial Officer of a healthcare organization. When I am not studying for school, I like to play the guitar and spend time with my family and friends.