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  • I'm very happy with the results of the work everyday I come here. It really helps and provides me with the ability to be flexible throughout the day and even for weeks. I used to suffer from severe pain in my back that it cause me not to be able to get up from the bed in the morning. After 3 visits at┬áthe Winter Park Chiropractor: Dr. Mikhail, I start to improve and the pain started to fade follows by no pain at all from getting up from bed in the morning becoming easy. I am also able to do more work around the house and practice normal active life with happiness and more productivity.
    Sheery Google Review, Port Orange 2015
  • Dr. Mikhail is thorough in his evaluation and provides treatment plan to help people live pain free. I would consider him the best chiropractor. Dr. Mikhail has helped reverse pain from years of poor posture and bad office ergonomics. He is also helping me perform in the sports that I love that was slowed down by constant pain. I highly recommend him for anyone in Central Florida.
    Kris T. (Oviedo, FL)Google Review
  • He definitely knows what he's doing and he explains it in simple medical terms. Highly recommended for sure!
    Brian P. (Engineer)Orlando A-List 2014
  • I met Dr. Mikhail at Lake Eola Park in Orlando, Fl. On that day, I received a soft tissue stretch and already felt the difference. I go to the clinic now twice a week. At this time, (visit #4) cramps, numbness, and tingling problems in my right arm &┬áhand are completely resolved. Dr. Mikhail is Amazing and Natalie Taff (Staff) is amazing as well! It is a Clean office. I didn't wait to see the chiropractor. Should you need chiropractic care, I strongly suggest scheduling an appointment here.
    Maria T. (Orlando, FL)Google Review
  • I have been struggling with lower back pain for a while. I am a very active individual and sometimes, this back pain causes a lot of discomfort while I am sitting and sleeping. I have met with Dr Mikhail and was privileged to get couple treatment sessions along with some advice to maintain proper posture and gait. The advice included proper lifting and techniques for better sleep at night. I can tell from the get go that Dr Mikhail's concern was primarily alleviating pain, which was also my main goal since my lower back pain is almost chronic now. One crucial statement from Dr Mikhail to me was: " You don't have to live with pain, pain can be managed with treatment and proper techniques to maintain a healthy back." Thinking that pain will be part of my daily struggle is terrible, but with the help and advice from Dr Mikhail, I felt better and looking forward to keep that pain managed and eventually controlled. Highly recommend him.
    Nasser H. (BSE, ASN, BSN)Patient Testimonial Sheet 2014
  • Love it here. Dr. Mikhail isn't a doctor who just does a quick adjustment then sends you on your way. He listens and fully diagnoses the problems. He works with you, teaches you about your body, does everything from massages to adjustments to having you do strengthening exercises. This place is great.
    MatthewOrlando, 2015

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