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  • I came to the clinic¬†because I had back and leg pain. I chose Mikhail Chiropractic because I trusted Dr. Mikhail and he made me feel like family. I would recommend the integrated therapies he used with me¬†to anybody. He used Chiropractic, Soft Tissue treatments, and Rehab Exercises. My back now feels great and I definitely recommend him to my friends and family.  
    Philbert E. 2014 Patient Testimonial Sheet  
  • Dr. Mikhail is thorough in his evaluation and provides treatment plan to help people live pain free. I would consider him the best chiropractor. Dr. Mikhail has helped reverse pain from years of poor posture and bad office ergonomics. He is also helping me perform in the sports that I love that was slowed down by constant pain. I highly recommend him for anyone in Central Florida.
    Kris T. (Oviedo, FL)Google Review
  • My experience with Dr. Mina was amazing as my pain was reduced significantly within a few visits.
    Maryan M. (Engineer) Orlando A-List 2014
  • I had posture taping and rehabilitative exercises, I felt really good.
    Peter B. (Pharmacist)Google Review
  • I came to try Acupuncture, but Dr. Mikhail pointed out some back and neck issues as well. My pain started many years ago, but I didn't really pay attention to it.I initially came to Mikhail Family Chiropractic because of a Groupon, but my decision to continue care was enhanced because of Dr. Mikhail's very thorough examination.

    He has helped me have better movement using Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Soft Tissue Release. My back and neck are no more mobile and I have made many lifestyle changes that will help me forever. I would recommend friends and family to Mikhail Family Chiropractic.

    Amanda W. (Banking)Patient Testimonial Sheet 2014
  • I really consider Dr. Mikhail a great chiropractor in Central Florida. I had a lot pain in my back and leg before I started my treatment with him. After my treatment, I became pain free. Today, I'm happy with the care I received and I¬†recommend him for any patients¬†in Central Florida.  
    Elizabeth G. (Accounting)Email Testimonial 

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